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Jade Bryce and Mercedes Terrell launch new podcast

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear ring card girls talk about “controversial topics” on a weekly podcast series? That dream is now reality, as Bellator knockout Mercedes Terrell and Invicta FC sensation Jade Bryce have joined forces to co-host “The MAJic Hour.”

For the first time since the Bjorn Rebney era of Bellator, Bryce and Terrell are working side-by-side in a professional MMA capacity. These days, instead of prancing around the cage in form-fitting attire, the ladies are branching out with some serious exploration of their skills on the mic.

Why should fight fans tune in? So far, the product has been fantastic. Bryce and Terrell have a natural chemistry from their years spent together in Bellator, as they both have a surprisingly solid comedic timing. They are both superb at interviewing guests and tackling random topics.

Their show might just be the best MMA podcast not named “The Joe Rogan Experience.” The “MAJ” in “Majic” stands for Mercedes and Jade, of course!

Bryce and Terrell aren’t your typical ring card professionals. These are ladies with substance — talented and intelligent individuals with a lot to say.

Let’s be honest: Anyone who has followed Bryce or Terrell through the years would know there’s real brain behind the beauty. And now finally, the rest of the MMA community is finding out.

Veteran MMA analyst Jimmy Smith and former UFC fighter Elias Theodorou have already appeared on the new podcast, and even bigger names are expected in the weeks ahead.

Fight fans can check out “The MAJic Hour” right here on Apple.

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