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Live results from UFC Nashville Fight Night

Fight Night Results:

Eric Shelton vs Jordan Espinosa

The first bout of the evening featured a featherweight contest with rising prospects Eric Shelton and Jordan Espinosa. This was a back and forth battle that saw Espinosa dishing out considerable punishment on the feet for the first round. The leg kicks told the story of the fight and put considerable pressure on the shot of Shelton. Shelton was able to time the kicks of Espinosa and capitalize with some crisp counter punches but it wasn’t enough to take the win.

Results: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 Jordan Espinosa – Unanimous Decision

Ryan McDonald vs Chris Gutierrez

First round starts off with Gutierrez working some powerful kicks all while maintaining the center of the cage. McDonald had very little answer to any of the kicks of Gutierrez. McDonald began to pour a bit more on just as the first round ended. A cut was opened up in the opening seconds of round to on the head of McDonald. Gutierrez did a great job in round 2 of maintaining cage control. McDonal shot for a takedown but was quickly shut down. The third round opened with a vicious leg kick that wobbled McDonald as the cut on his head continued to pour. it was more of the same as Gutierrez controlled the pace and location of the fight.

Results: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 Chris Gutierrez – Unanimous Decision

Randa Markos vs Angela Hill

A big fight for both ladies in this contest. Randa takes control of the exchanges and never lets up. Once the fight goes to the ground Markos begins to soften her opponent and looks to secure the submission and finishes via armbar with only 40 seconds left in round 1.

Alexis Davis vs Jennifer Maia

In the second womens bout of the prelims, #5 ranked Davis looked to quickly stand and trade in the center of the cage. Davis took the fight to the cage and kept big pressure on Maia. Maia is able to break free and cracks Davis, stunning her. Maia opens with a flurry of heavy hands. Davis ties up to slow the action down. Round 2 starts with both fighters throwing leather. A sweep from davis sends maia to the canvas and allows Davis to swarm to mount. Davis threaten with a kimora but Maia is able to work out. The 2nd round finishes with Davis in a dominate position and landing elbows. round 3 is close as both women trade exchanges.

Results: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 for Jennifer Maia

Marlon Vera vs Frankie Saenz

this was a quick one! Marlon Vera took it to Frankie Saenz landing a straight left that set Saenz on his rear. Vera swarmed and the ref had no choice but to stop the fight.

Results: Marlon Vera – TKO finish strikes

Bryce Mitchell vs Bobby Moffett

The opening round saw fan favorite Bryce Mitchell come out pushing the pace and drops his opponent with a heavy uppercut. Moffett shoots for the takedown to attempt to recover. Mitchell ends up taking his back after a scramble then works to finish with a triangle. Very slick ground game out of Mitchell. Moffet survives and is able to get to his feet and works his takedown defense. Second round opens with a recovered Moffett landing a takedown and working the back of Mitchell who is able to reverse and get back to his feet. Moffett had a deep dark choke but Mitchell as able to defend and takes the back landing a weird crucifix and finishes the round in a commanding position. 3rd round opens with a visibly fresher Moffett controlling the location with a big takedown. Mitchell fights from armor position but Moffett stacks and is able to get out and back up. after a big scramble Mitchell takes the back and attempts to sink in an RNC, but can’t get the finish as the bell sounds to end the fight.

Results: 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 – Unanimous Decision – Bryce Mitchell

Main Card:

Maycee Barber vs JJ Aldrich

20 year old Maycee Barber comes out of the red corner and eats a big shot from vet JJ Aldrich that sits Barber down. Barber quickly scrambles back to her feet. Aldrich works to cut the cage on Barber. Aldrich is happy to eat a shot to counter punch. The counters are very effective. Round 2 starts with Aldrich stalking a bit more. This round is a much more back and forth battle seeing great clinch work out of Barber who puts Aldrich on the cage and tees off to get the referee stoppage.

Luis Pena vs Steven Peterson

this bout opens with Peterson coming quickly across the cage looking to get Pena down. Pena lands a pretty Kimura trap sweep and take top position. Pena worked his game and landed heavy hands rocking Peterson. Round 2 saw Pena using his reach, but ended up on the wrong side of a takedown that put Peterson on his back. Pena shakes him off and opens up with a barrage of hands and knees. Pena give up his back on several occasions but pieces up Peterson on his feet. Moving into the 3rd round of this matchup Pena again using those hand to set up a giant head kick that sent his opponent looking to wrestle again. Pena works for the Kimura, but the strong wrestling of Peterson gets him out of submission danger. Pena continued to pepper Peterson with shots until the final bell

Results: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 – Unanimous Decision – Luis Pena

Jussier Formiga vs Deiveson Figueiredo

Round one starts with a long feeling out period, both fighters seem timid to do too much too early. Exchanges are made through all three rounds with both fighters. A giant cut was opened up on Formiga in the second round .All three rounds of this match are very closely contested.

Results: Jussier “Formiga” by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

John Makdessi vs Jesus Pinedo

As the night moves on we see more of a feeling out period and this fight is no exception. Makdessi maintains the center of the cage, placing his shots. The crowd is not happy with the lack of action in the first round. Makdessi seems to be doing a bit more, but there is still little engagement. The fans of the arena were not happy with the perceived lack of engagement through all 3 rounds and would cheer when either fighter would throw a combination.

Results: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 by unanimous decision – John Makdessi

Curtis Blaydes vs Justin Willis – Co Main event:

With the heavyweights anything can happen. Blades comes in with an in and out style and quickly looks for the takedown, but Willis is having none of it. Blaydes finally secures the takedown and ends up on the back of Willis. Willis tries to get up and eats some knees to the body for his efforts. Round 2 starts with a huge right hand landed by Blaydes who swarms again and gets the back of Willis. The rest of the round continues with Blaydes manhandling Willis with his wrestling top game. The 3rd round saw Willis being able to stay on his feet much longer, but not able to capitalize on anything. Once Blaydes was able to land the takedown it stayed here for the rest of the contest.

Results: 30-26, 30-25, 30-27 by UD – Curtis Blaydes

Stephen Thompson vs Anthony Pettis – Main Event:

Thompson starts this round in typical fashion with his hands low and side stance. Pettis is in a tight boxing stance. Both of these guys throwing heavy kicks. Wonderboy continues to stay on the outside for most of the first round choosing to stay long and land punches in bunches along with his signature kicking skills. Pettis still pushes forward but doesn’t land any real damaging shots. Round 2 starts with Pettis respecting the kick a bit more of Wonderboy and tries to get closer on the inside. Thompson continues to land shots a will. Pettis seems almost timid to engage. Out of nowhere with 3 seconds left Pettis lands a superman punch that puts Wonderboy out cold!

Results – Anthony Pettis – KO 4:59seconds round 2

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